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One Night In Dakar

An editorial made from thrifted and personal items Creative Team Photograph: Mia Dabrowski Stylist: Marie Rubion Creative Direction: Koura-Rosy Kane Models: Medoune & Sophia at Amy...

Lucille Thièvre Making Honest and Soulful Designs

Article for Metal Magazine

Modern Dilemma: personal principles vs the state of the fashion industry

When you are evolving in the fashion industry, it comes a time when you assess what you’ve done so far, if your actions fit your principles and where you want to go from here. This reality-check can be hard to initiate and elaborate. However, at some point it...

Byoo•Tee Ñuul

This editorial aimed to celebrate the conversation between fashion design and Afro culture. Through the work of five Dakar-based designers, we want to highlight the possibilities and resources we have by using a local approach.

Moritz Iden Thriving through Digital Escapism

Article for Metal Magazine

Latest Projects

The Eye: Uncomfortable Reality

Although I am not pretending to be an actor, I really enjoyed filming this short movie. It has been like a therapy. A way to evacuate an unexploited energy - that has appeared when I had to confront myself to 'The Shadow experience'.

The Eye: In Between

Have you ever felt like you are in a moment of your life where it is barely possible to determine yourself? A period where you are in the middle - you have to let your past go and accept your future while you are trying to handle your present.

Mix & Match: Courtney Mitchell x PKNE

Introducing Mix & Match. A concept develops around the interaction and dialectic of fashion and art.