Cedric Mizero Clothes for Cultural Changes and Social Awareness

Article for Metal Magazine

Clothes have various purposes. The primary usage we can surely mention is to cover one’s body. Nevertheless, if the role of garments was limited to this prime function, the fashion industry would have little to do with the cultural, social and creative sphere. Fortunately, garments are more than simple items we put on everyday. As Cedric Mizero proves, clothes are powerful tools designers can use to engage and communicate on different levels.

Cedric Mizero, a multidisciplinary artist based in Kigali understands the powerful role clothes can have in his practice. Formerly raised in a small village called Gishoma in the Western Province of Rwanda, his upbringing plays a crucial part in his practice overall. Moving in 2012 to the capital gave him the chance to collaborate with many creatives in the local scene. A few years in Kigali led him to create his long term project named Fashion For All. The project puts at its core the women and men of the village “inviting people to reflect about the value of each individual and their right to access and enjoy fashion regardless of their age, size, social or economic status.” Under the umbrella of Fashion For All, Cedric released many different projects such as Strong Women (2017) and Beauty in the Heart(2018).

The designer approaches garments as a way to have the attention of his audience and communicate complex social and cultural messages. Alongside his fashion design skills, he also explores photography, spatial installation and film

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