Lucille Thièvre Making Honest and Soulful Designs

Article for Metal Magazine

With an ancient history of savoir-faire, the city of Paris has long been leading the global aesthetic, being one of the fashion capitals of the world. Today, although this position of power may be questioned – especially because of technologies that opened up the market – the country of France remains full of surprises and creativity when it comes to fashion design. Lucille Thièvre, originally from Corrèze, is the perfect example of the new wave of designers redefining the role of France in the global fashion dynamic.

After studying at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture (now IFM), she started her eponymous label in 2019 “with the intention to create soulful pieces.” Thièvre started to work on her pieces in a very creative context at the collaborative space Les Ateliers du Wonder in Paris where she was able to team up with talented people of her generation. For her label, her idea was to “get rid as much as possible of any exterior fashion influence” to celebrate the local savoir-faire and to build the contemporary French fashion legacy through the value of craftsmanship.

Since her first collection, Les Esplaces 19120 presented at Hyères Fashion Festival, she approaches “each collection (as) a complement to the previous one, an enrichment.” She is putting the body and its curves at the core of her design experimentations. Lucille Thièvre is a brand that aims to play with the sensuality of every body instead of restraining them.

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