Florentina Leitner: Exploring Strong Narratives through Bold Designs

Article For Metal Magazine

In a time where the act of presenting new collections is deeply questioned, designers need to find alternative and attractive ways to introduce their work. For her Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Florentina Leitner creates a powerful narrative inspired by her home and family. Juxtaposed to this, this collection is truly influenced by Wes Anderson’s aesthetic. The Royal Leitners is an invitation to Leitner’s universe where playfulness and challenging perspectives meet.

After working with Dries Van Noten, Leitner focused on her label and since then she’s been creating unique projects able to speak for themselves. Searching into old movies, this hint of nostalgia explored by Leitner brings at the same time a familiar and fascinating eeriness. Distancing herself from the outside world, The Royal Leitners is a reflective exploration of the notion of home and the sense of family.

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