Fashion As Therapy

Article For Geraldine Wharry

This piece was written before the crisis of Covid-19 by guest contributor Koura-Rosy Kane, writer of PLATFORM, a blog focused on emerging fashion.We chose to publish the original version of the article, as it felt foretelling of a Fashion Industry focused on caring for others, as we have seen many brands and individuals come together in the past few weeks during the coronovirus crisis.

Prior to the pandemic, we were facing many issues in terms of the stress inducing rhythm of this industry on its people and the planet, clearly pointing to the necessity for reforming our fashion system. The importance of supporting communities suggested in the piece appears even more relevant today and has in fact unfolded, since experiencing physical distancing and quarantine, further activating the urgency for collective Emotional Intelligence. Our need for fashion as a therapy has been amplified more than ever as one of the only options to make fashion meaningful again.

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