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Ghana-based label Kayadua- created by Eyiwaa - is introducing its first clothing collection named NKWANTANAN inspired by a dream of the designer.

Gaidaa: Creating Songs from the Soul

Article for Metal Magazine

‘Nostàlgia’ by Clara Borrelli

Meet Clara Borrelli, Italian photographer and her last editorial 'Nostàlgia'. A visual conversation between memories and technology

Maison Cléo: For The Love of Authenticity

Article For Metal Magazine

Fashion Week is dead, long live Fashion

The relevance of fashion shows has been deeply questioned these past few months while we were facing health, social and environmental emergencies. Catwalks are now appearing obsolete, so what options do we have to showcase collections?

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Editorial Lead by Shapes

For Teeth Magazine

The Eye: Uncomfortable Reality

Although I am not pretending to be an actor, I really enjoyed filming this short movie. It has been like a therapy. A way to evacuate an unexploited energy - that has appeared when I had to confront myself to 'The Shadow experience'.

The Eye: In Between

Have you ever felt like you are in a moment of your life where it is barely possible to determine yourself? A period where you are in the middle - you have to let your past go and accept your future while you are trying to handle your present.