The Emerging Footwear Industry: Exploration Of Three Designers

Article for Noctis Magazine

In a time of overconsumption and a lack of emotional values, the entire fashion industry is challenged. Every segment of the field is impacted by this phenomenon from pure clothing to shoe design. Although the shift in the fashion design vision is largely discussed, looking closer to the forms these changes have taken is an opportunity that is often missed. After going to a standardisation period – mainly caused by the expansion of streetwear and fast fashion – shoe design is today investigated by emerging designers, not afraid to go out of the norms. Far from the necessity of generated benefices, they are aiming to explore another approach regarding pieces of clothing and objects overall. Beyond bold and innovative designs, these designers are pushing us to question our relationship to clothing and redefine the emotional aspect of possessing a pair of shoes. 

With trends becoming more and more obsolete due to deep changes in cultural aspirations, manipulating the same object to give it different forms has become a real opportunity for audacious designers to come up with alternative designs. By avoiding the path of standardisation and meaningless products, they are studying shoes as having a voice on their own. Today we are introducing 3 creatives that are going beyond social expectations. No rules nor limitations, they are sharing their aesthetic – more complex and brutal.

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