IAMISIGO Made in Africa, for African Glory

Article for Metal Magazine

The African continent encompasses a lot of traditions and approaches related to fashion. From patterns to design techniques, traditions in this field have been passed along from generation to generation since the dawn of time. Truly bound to myths, rituals and spirituality, the practice around garments goes hand in hand with a higher expression of ourselves. Based in Lagos, Bubu Ogisi created the perfect contemporary interpretations of such traditions.

More than simple garments, her work is “a road map to the truth.” Searching into spiritual concepts and practices from Yoruba and Edo mythology, Lands of Gods is a collection that aims to connect us to the spirit world, the intangible forces in our existence. Our body is placed as the site in which the rituals occur. In Lands of Gods, designer Ogisi “is linking [her] craft experiences to the meaning of ceremonial dressmaking as a gesture of prayer, a vehicle of communication with the higher world.” Additionally to her emphasis on craftsmanship, in order to find the right balance between machinery and humans, the label also reuses materials and fabrics – as in prior collections. This recycled and sustainable aspect is a priority at IAMISIGO. The creative director herself is truly attached to this commitment. Bubu Ogisi collaborated with Lagos based brand Kkerelé for the footwear of her SS21 collection. This association was obvious for creative Ogisi since Kkerelé was the only label she valued as able to create designs “to step from the visible world into the spirit world.”

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