Georgia Pendlebury

Georgia Pendlebury

When styling is a mix of lo-fi, sophistication and boldness

Georgia Pendlebury is a freelance stylist and the creative director of the well-known publication Novembre Magazine.  I deeply love this magazine because of many reasons such as their selection of photographers, fashion labels and stylist. I discovered Georgia’s work this past November and now I can’t stop posting her looks on my Instagram (@Platform___). I was already seduced because of the atmosphere that reigns in her looks. Often taken in minimalist decor, her outfit combinations are always memorable, which is hard in nowadays fashion. However, Georgia’s path is immediately perceptible. Between provocation and candor, temperance and nerve, she is able to bring face to face opposite ambiances that produce a melodious result.

I will let you judge by yourself…


A Pierre Cardin Special Story, Interview Germany – Winter 2017



Collaboration w/ Chloé Wise, Novembre Magazine – Autumn/Winter 2017



Vivienne Westwood Special, Novembre Magazine – Autumn/Winter 2017



Anja Rubik, Purple Fashion – Autumn/Winter 2017



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