EDUN – An Exemple Of Social Commitment In Fashion

EDUN – An Exemple Of Social Commitment In Fashion

What I especially love in fashion is brand’s commitment


Edun is a good example of how to express a true commitment in the fashion industry. This brand has been created in 2005  by Ali Hewson & Bono (the famous U2 Singer). In April 2013, they named Danielle Sherman as Creative Director of the company. Edun means « nude » spelled background and refers to natural aspects. At the same time this name refers to the Garden of Eden. Their goal is to help for a positive change in Africa though fair-trade process in business relationship.


Spring – Summer 2017 


Since the begining, Edun has various suppliers around the world, in and out Africa such as : Peru, Uganda, Kenya… Today, 85% of the collections are produced in Africa. Fair-trade is not the only strength of Edun. Most of the collections are aimed to promote african culture. Step by step they help Africa to gain its place in fashion industry. Futhermore, by using african design culture they promote a new conception of fashion.


Resort 2018


To me, this, makes quite a difference. Indeed, Edun is introducing a new way to see contemporary fashion. A few studies have shown that the future of fashion might be in Africa. This continent has a part to play in the fashion industry. Yet, this area is often underestimated by western countries that are leading the market for now. This is not going to last, our world is changing very fast. The power might surely be held by other countries moving forward. Emerging countries in Africa will be put on the spotlight because of its resources, savoir-faire and particularities. I truly believe in this emerging trend thanks to african countries. They have a rich history and culture. Thus, they would be able to bring a new meaning (or sense) in this domain with their values. This kind of sustainable approach in the fashion industry is, according to me, the future.


Autumn – Winter 2018


During many years fashion was not really concerned about political, social and environment issues. Now, if brands want to be successful they can’t ignore those issues anymore . Thus, ethic has to take an important place in brands strategies. This can be linked to my article : Authenticity is the new black. Both are part of a bigger phenomenon named: Humanization Process.



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